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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When the budget is tight, there is no room for extras. How do you make the decision to pay for sign up fees and expenses for your child to play sports? Most of the time it would be better to find a local team to play for that does not have high fees to join and travel expenses that are extra.

So, what percentage of high school players go on to play professionally? A very small percentage.

According to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) the percentage of athletes moving from high school to NCAA is 6% for all sports combined. Football is 6.8%, men's basketball is 3.4%. The percentage moving from NCAA to Major Professional is 2% for all sports combined. Football is 1.5%, men's basketball is 1.1%. You can take a look at the chart located at

However, a college scholarship is fabulous as long as your athlete will excel in his/her college studies and get a degree that will provide for their future. A free education from playing sports is a great thing! I believe every person has gifts and talents that are specific and tapping into that is the key. School loans have become very expensive with high interest rates and will cause future problems for the graduate. Try to avoid them if possible.

Determine if you can actually afford to pay these extracurricular fees or possibly that money could pay off debt or be invested for college.

Do your homework early for scholarships and free money for college as well as a plan of study prior to starting college. Planning is key. Let's plan to succeed.

If you need help, Financial Pacemaker Coaching is here to help. Call or email today.

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