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Why is it so hard for folks to understand simple math and the idea of saving something for a rainy day? I talk to people daily about how they need to stop spending so much money on stuff they don't need. Every day I see people eating two meals in the cafeteria but later tell me that there are money problems. It is very hard to do, but sometimes you have to point the finger at yourself.

Everyone has made mistakes with finances and believe me--even if you pay off everything, you will still attempt and sometimes will be successful at doing stupid things with your money. The temptations are always there to purchase something great, and we get busy in our everyday lives and fail to notice our spending. Dave Ramsey will tell you that he has a PhD (doctorate degree) in DUMB. I encourage you to watch his life story on YouTube and you will understand why he does what he does for a living.

But- not being able to eat and pay the utility bills should tell you something is wrong when you are working hard every day!!

STOP and THINK about how you can do better with your finances.

If you need help, the charges for my services will be WELL worth it when the light bulb moment occurs and you become gazelle intense about getting out of debt. Once the bulb is lit, there is NO STOPPING YOU!

Don't wait, do something.

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