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Welcome to my blog. Today is more like a rant. Sick and tired, angry and

simply tired of handling the hacking and attempts to defraud and steal, that

describes me.

I have been handling issue after issue for the last few weeks. The first clue was

Netflix. I got an email stating my email address was changed. What? NO. We

did not change anything. Think it was a phishing attempt? No. It was in fact

someone who decided to change my email address and password to Netflix

to their garbled information and use my money to pay for their videos, oh, and

they needed a better, more expensive package than I have. Netflix acted clueless

but fixed all the information. Prior to Netflix we used GoDaddy for a business phone

smartline---and gave a debit card for payment for one year of services over the phone.

THIS MAY HAVE BEEN THE LEAK. Then the debit card number was used in Brazil for whatever crap they wanted to buy online. Only one charge was allowed to actually finalize.

It takes a week to get that money back, but it is only temporary until the bank has a chance

to evaluate the fraud.

But wait, yesterday, someone hijacked my messenger in Facebook and was sending my

friends messages over messenger. THEY KNEW IT WAS NOT ME. Ok, Facebook, I have

always been sick of you and your "community standards" YOU ARE NO HELP TO ME.

I am looking into buying a better identity theft insurance from Zander Insurance. I just feel

like I have to. I do not have the problems some have like credit cards and cars and medical insurance fraud, mine is very petty but annoying.

The take home message today is: double check everything and don't forget to change your

passwords from time to time. My satellite dish was stolen here at my office so my tv channels are going to be limited. THIEVES ARE EVERYWHERE! BEWARE.

I do not work so hard on finances so that a criminal will benefit.. I HAVE A NEW MOTTO: