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Several of my blogs have talked about budgets, using cash, debt, and credit cards. I received my copy of Everyday Millionaires, a brand new book written by Chris Hogan, a Dave Ramsey personality. I am currently listening to it as an audiobook in my car. I find it a very good use of my time. This book is a product of research done to find out WHO the millionaires are in this country, AND HOW they arrived at that status. You will be SHOCKED to find out who these people are--and --how they did it.

The reason I decided to talk about the book is because it provides new information and hope for all people who are willing to waste the time to read the book and actually do what others have proven to work. OR, you could do what most do and tell yourself "it would never work for me".

You are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of your life and your money--take that job seriously. It is a full-time job, so I recommend you check in and do some work. If you are willing, you, too, can become a millionaire over your lifetime IF you follow a plan. Plan? OK-you must develop a plan..

1. Plan to get out of debt.

2. Plan to stay out of debt.

3. Plan to save money.

4. Plan to invest money.

5. Plan to have a future.

You want a future that does not state that debt is inevitable-- meaning unavoidable-or that you will have to work until you drop dead.

Millionaires have been found to read non-fiction books on a regular basis. If you need help with a given subject, find a book to help you. Read it and follow it's suggestions. You may not recognize the millionaire who may be living next door to you!! Most are not obvious, but they are in plain sight.

Get your head right with better information about your spending habits and make a plan for success!!

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