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Updated: Aug 21, 2023


Ever watch television shows where people are buying new homes or second homes? I have. But now that I have a different perspective on money and am a money coach, I see the shows in a totally different light. I find that the show can be very helpful, but at the same time it can damage a person who has a keep up with the Joneses personality.

With that said we should all recognize our own spending type or personality type. Are you the spender or the saver in the household? Usually there is one of each type. If you can just recognize and admit your way of spending and/or saving it will help so much. It's like going to a meeting and saying "Hello my name is Marla and I am a nerd/saver." Everyone goes "ooh" and "hello Marla". Then I sink down in my chair. Yeah, I get it, I am the dull one. But, I accept that and it is a good thing for my family.

Now, if you are the spender, then you are usually the fun one and I think that is a balance. You walk in the meeting and high five everyone. Nothing wrong with that unless you spend all of the money, all of the time. Need to check that.

So, the next time you watch those home buyer shows, think about what those buyers are saying about their purchase and if there are limits. Think about how they arrived at the budget for the new home because we are never told that information. We do know some information occasionally. Think critically about decisions people make and learn what you can from the shows. Personally I do not believe all of those purchases are good ones and it is a trap for those who try to keep up with the Joneses. Everyone seems so happy to spend a million dollars on a vacation home. But how does it really end up? We may never know.

Avoid the trap. Take 24 hours or longer to think about a purchase. What's the hurry?

If you need help changing your brain to think differently about money management, don't hesitate to call Financial Pacemaker Coaching, Marla, 901-399-4241.

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