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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Let's take a look at how a person over time, much time, creates a financial mess.

This is the end result of being negligent with your own finances and your spending. So, this is the time when Murphy's Law comes into play.


"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

This is an old adage from possibly 1866.

So how did you get here? In this financial crisis?

  1. YOU ARE HOUSE POOR. You bought too much house and your mortgage payment is more than 25% of your monthly take home pay.

  2. YOU HAVE NO BUDGET IN PLACE. No budget meetings occur.

  3. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL WITH SPENDING. Everyone in the house spends money on whatever they want or "need". No discipline.

  4. AND THEN CARS. Car payments, one, maybe two. The car may have been upside down when you bought it new, WHO BUYS AN UPSIDE DOWN CAR?

  5. CREDIT CARDS. Each month something comes up and it is charged causing American Distress not express, and it is not "PRICELESS". Over time the interest overtakes you and you cannot get ahead of it.

  6. STUDENT LOANS. Oh, those student loans that have been in the background for years, still there.

  7. PRIVATE SCHOOL TUITION. Can you really afford it? This is a very tough subject, it may be necessary. If so, it will become a monthly budget item.

All of this combines over time and causes pressure.. Then murphy walks in. You need a car repair, a new washing machine.

Stop and think.. Do the math and rearrange things if necessary. If you don't you may find yourself in a crisis-especially if just one paycheck does not show up.

Don't live like that.. Change the way you think by educating yourself and then changing your spending.

Get help. It's easy. Let's turn this thing around. Email or call. I can pace you along until you can run. Financial Pacemaker Coaching, we'll pace you along.

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