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Updated: Mar 28


We all seem to think we have the best plan for whatever we have to do in life, manage our time, money, investing decisions, even how to purchase a car. But, if you stop and think for a minute, we've all made mistakes thinking we put together the best plan for success. The truth is we all forget to take certain things into account when trying to make a final decision.

The first thing we could all do is educate ourselves better about a given subject matter. Read a book! Yes. You could learn a lot. Successful people read at least one non-fiction book per month on average. Pattern yourself after them-if you want to follow a leader.

Finding an accountability partner can be very helpful in keeping you on track. This person is someone you trust, someone who will tell you the honest truth, EVEN IF IT HURTS. This person is there to encourage you and keep you on track. I recommend a weekly meeting over coffee to keep up with ongoing tasks and events. I have found this person may be a challenge to find.

Let's be the best we can be and strive to succeed. Do not take NO for an answer.

Put this idea to work this week and see what you come up with. You may find real help in a place you never thought possible.

Financial Pacemaker Coaching is here to help. We'll pace you along.

Just call or email. We'll help.

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