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Updated: Mar 28

Why is money one of those subjects that people do not want to discuss until the situation is bad, very bad? It is harder to pull yourself out of a mess after a long period of time- however it did take a long time to create that debt, years in fact. So realistically you cannot expect to be able to wave a magic wand and make the debt go away-it just does not happen that way- you will not accidentally get out of debt- it takes intentional actions to cause change. It may be painful at times BUT IT IS WORTH IT.

The rest of your life can be completely changed--your future can be without payments and debt--without worry.


To get to that point you must be willing to admit your mess, to acknowledge you made some mistakes (maybe a lot of mistakes) and be honest with yourself. Maybe you are not honest with your spouse about money--"our money". That hole is only going to get deeper, and you will be the one to fall into that hole.

Maybe all of your friends have nice new cars and big fancy houses and you followed them right into debt, that will keep you poor for a long time. Time to stop that misery.

Or, everyone is going out to eat at a fancy, expensive restaurant and you do not want to be left out.. so you go.. to a meal you cannot enjoy because you know that meal will be placed on a credit card to be worried over and handled another day.

Save yourself sleepless nights and fights with your spouse over these things. I am not suggesting this is easy. I am suggesting that you ask for help.

I can help, but I cannot do it for you. I want to teach you to change your ways with money. YOU CAN DO IT. Contact Financial Pacemaker Coaching and just ask about the services offered, it cannot hurt, it just may change your life. It's all up to you. Don't be afraid to talk about money.